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May-1996 A breakdown of invariance : the case of two vs. three-person sequential bargainingZwick, Rami; Rapoport, Amnon; Weg, Eythan
Sep-1997 Optional stopping behavior with relative ranks : the secretary problem with unknown population sizeSeale, Darryl A.; Rapoport, Amnon
Sep-1997 Social dilemmas embedded in between-group competitions : effects of contest and distribution rulesRapoport, Amnon; Amaldoss, Wilfred
Sep-1997 Competition for the development of a new product : theoretical and experimental investigationRapoport, Amnon; Amaldoss, Wilfred
Sep-1997 Coordination and learning behavior in large groups with asymmetric playersRapoport, Amnon; Seale, Darryl A.; Winter, Eyal
Oct-1997 Coordination, "magic", and reinforcement learning in a market entry gameErev, Ido; Rapoport, Amnon
Jan-1998 Strategic play and adaptive learning in the sealed-bid bargaining mechanismDaniel, Terry E.; Seale, Darryl A.; Rapoport, Amnon
Feb-1998 Reinforcement-based adaptive learning in asymmetric two-person bargaining with incomplete informationRapoport, Amnon; Daniel, Terry E.
6-May-1998 Weighted probabilities in tacit coordination under uncertainty : theory and evidence from market entry gamesRapoport, Amnon; Seale, Darryl A.; Ordonez, Lisa
6-Jun-1998 An experimental study of coordination and learning in iterated two-market entry gamesRapoport, Amnon; Seale, Darryl A.; Winter, Eyal
Oct-1998 The information advantage in two-person bargaining with incomplete informationSeale, Darryl A.; Daniel, Terry E.; Rapoport, Amnon
Nov-1998 Collaborating to compete a game-theoretical model and empirical investigation of the effect of profit-sharing arrangement and type of allianceAmaldoss, Wilfred; Meyer, Robert J.; Raju, Jagmohan S.; Rapoport, Amnon
20-Jan-1999 Game theory : contributions to the study of human cognitionRapoport, Amnon
19-Feb-1999 Provision of binary public goods in single-period social dilemmas : theories and experimentsRapoport, Amnon
16-Mar-1999 Tacit coordination in a decentralized market entry game with fixed capacityZwick, Rami; Rapoport, Amnon
27-Apr-1999 Elicitation of strategy profiles in large group coordination gamesSeale, Darryl A.; Rapoport, Amnon
Jun-1999 Bonus and penalty in common pool resource dilemmas under uncertaintyRapoport, Amnon; Au, Wing Tung
Oct-2000 Invariance failure under subgame perfectness in sequential bargainingZwick, Rami; Rapoport, Amnon; Weg, Eythan
27-Nov-2000 Behavioral strategies in repeated pure coordination gamesZwick, Rami; Rapoport, Amnon; Lo, Alison King Chung
Jan-2002 Choice of prizes allocated by multiple lotteries with endogenously determined probabilitiesRapoport, Amnon; Lo, Alison King Chung; Zwick, Rami