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2010 Accelerated genetic algorithms with Markov ChainsWang, Guan; Chen, Chen; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
Jun-2005 Adaptive genetic algorithm and quasi-parallel genetic algorithm : application to knapsack problemSzeto, Kwok-Yip; Zhang, Jian
Jan-2007 Adaptive genetic algorithm with mutation and crossover matricesLaw, Nga Lam; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
May-2010 Asymptotic analysis of first passage time in complex networksLau, Hon Wai; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
Jul-2009 Community detection using intelligent clustering technique and sub-matrix density orderingLiang, Tianzhu; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
Sep-2009 Competition of multi-agent systems : analysis of a three-company econophysics modelFu, Xiujun; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
16-Jun-2005 Damage spreading in two-dimensional trivalent cellular structures with competing Glauber and Kawasaki dynamicsGuo, Z. Z.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2-Jul-2004 Damage spreading on the two-dimensional trivalent structures with Glauber dynamics : hierarchical and random latticesGuo, Z. Z.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip; Fu, Xiujun
1998 Edge scaling of soap frothSzeto, Kwok-Yip; Tam, Wing-Yim
Sep-2006 Efficient search of winning strategies in multi-agent systems on random network : importance of local solidarityPang, Tin Yau; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
17-Apr-2009 Electronic structure in gapped graphene with a Coulomb potentialZhu, Wei; Wang, Zhengfei; Shi, Qinwei; Szeto, Kwok-Yip; Chen, Jie; Hou, J. G.
2010 Evolution of grim trigger in prisoner dilemma game with partial imitationWu, Degang; Antony, Mathis A.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
3-Apr-2006 Linear relation on the correlation in complex networksMa, Chun Wai; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
16-Dec-2004 Locus oriented adaptive genetic algorithm : application to the zero/one knapsack problemMa, Chun Wai; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2009 Optimal time delay in the control of epidemicWang, Zhenggang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip; Leung, Frederick Chi-Ching
2013 Partial Imitation Hinders Emergence of Cooperation in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with Direct ReciprocityAntony, Mathis A.; Wu, Degang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2010 Partial imitation rule in iterated prisoner dilemma game on a square latticeWu, Degang; Antony, Mathis A.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
22-Nov-2004 Phase transition of two-dimensional Ising model on random point patternsFu, Xiujun; Szeto, Kwok-Yip; Cheung, Wing Keung
1996 Statistical properties and shell analysis in random cellular structuresAste, T.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip; Tam, Wing-Yim
16-Dec-2004 Strategies for resource allocation of two competing companies using genetic algorithmCheung, Wing Keung; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
1-Jun-2010 Structure profile of complex networks by a model of precipitationWang, Zhenggang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip