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1995 Size dependent single-electron tunneling effect of two-dimensional gold clusters on self-assembled alkylthiol monolayers on Au(111)Wang, Bing; Xiao, Xudong; Hou, Jianguo; Huang, Xianxiang; Sheng, Ping
2001 Vesicular and tubular nanoassemblies of an helical amphiphilic polyacetyleneLi, Bing Shi; Cheuk, Kevin Ka Leung; Chen, Junwu; Xiao, Xudong; Bai, Chunli; Tang, Ben-Zhong
Aug-2002 Bundle structure formation on a polymer film at various temperatures and scanning velocitiesWang, X. P.; Loy, Michael M.; Xiao, Xudong
30-Jun-2004 Efficient visible photoluminescence from carbon nanotubes in zeolite templatesGuo, Jiandong; Yang, Chunlei; Li, Zhaoming; Bai, Ming; Liu, H. J.; Li, G. D.; Wang, E. G.; Chan, Che-Ting; Tang, Zi-Kang; Ge, Wei-Kun; Xiao, Xudong
4-Nov-2004 Step effects and coverage dependence of hydrogen atom diffusion on Pt (111) surfacesLoy, Michael M.; Zheng, Chaozhi; Yeung, C. K.; Xiao, Xudong
25-Jan-2005 Time dependent tunneling spectroscopy for studying surface diffusion confined in nanostructuresWang, Kedong; Zhang, Chun; Loy, Michael M.; Xiao, Xudong
25-Feb-2005 Instability of 0.4 nm carbon nanotubes in a zeolite template under ultraviolet laser irradiationBai, Ming; Li, Irene L.; Tang, Zi-Kang; Xiao, Xudong
5-May-2005 Experimental and theoretical investigation of single Cu, Ag and Au atoms adsorbed on Si(111)-7×7Zhang, Chun; Chen, Gang; Wang, Kedong; Yang, Hongwei; Su, Tao; Chan, Che-Ting; Loy, Michael M.; Xiao, Xudong
5-Sep-2006 Initial stages of the adsorption of Ge atoms on the Si(111)-(7×7) surfaceZhao, Aidi; Zhang, Xiequi; Chen, Gang; Loy, Michael M.; Xiao, Xudong
19-Oct-2006 Quantum diffusion of H on Pt(111) : step effectsZheng, Chaozhi; Yeung, C. K.; Loy, Michael M.; Xiao, Xudong
30-Oct-2008 Low-energy electron microscopy of CO/Pt(111) surface diffusion by nonequilibrium coverage profile evolutionYim, Chi Ming; Man, K. L.; Xiao, Xudong; Altman, M. S.
31-Dec-2008 Intermixing of intrabasin and interbasin diffusion of a single Ag atom on Si(111)-7(7 X 7)Wang, Kedong; Chen, Gang; Zhang, Chun; Loy, Michael M.; Xiao, Xudong
19-Feb-2009 Pseudogap mediated by quantum-size effects in lead islandsWang, Kedong; Zhang, Xieqiu; Loy, Michael M.; Chiang, T. -C.; Xiao, Xudong