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Chan, Charles W H (陳榮開)

  • Associate Professor, Division of Humanities

Telephone: 2358 7765    Email: hmwhchan@ust.hk   
ORCID: 0000-0001-6030-0636   
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Author(s): Chan, Charles W.H.
Source: 《多情六十年——新亞書院的過去、現在與未來》, Ed. 香港中文大學新亞書院《多情六十年——新亞書院的過去、現在與未來》編輯小組. Hong Kong: New Asia College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009, 105-112
Article, 2009

A structural analysis of Chu Hsi's interpretation of Chapter XX of the Chung-yung
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 中國哲學與文化, v. 5, 2009, Jun, p. 151-184
Article, 2009

Author(s): Chan, Charles W.H.
Source: 《祠堂博覽》, Autumn 2005 (總5期), 53-58. Also found in 百度空间 "史學日誌" http://hi.baidu.com/shixuerizhi/blog/item/bba817243de65d23d50742a1.html .
Article, 2005

A critical analysis of the “Sorai Gakkan” by Yoshikawa Kojiro
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 中央研究院中國文哲研究集刋, 19, September 2001, p. 499-550
Article, 2001

Author(s): Chan, Charles W.H.
Source: Monumenta Serica, Vol. XLIV (1996), 25-99
Article, 1996

Author(s): Chan, Charles W.H.
Source: East Asia Forum, 2 (Fall 1993), 22-35
Article, 1993

Conference paper

The characteristics of the method of extending every virtue that has ever manifested itself——Chu Hsi’s interpretation of related chapters in the Chung-yung and the Mencius
Author(s): Chan, Charles Wing Hoi
Conference paper, 2016

An analysis of the concept of t'ien-ming in the Chu Hsi's Collected Commentries on the Four Book
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 「當代儒學國際學術會議:儒學之國際展望」國際學術會議(International conference on the international prospect of Confucianism), 中壢, 台灣, 2012年9月26-28日
Conference paper, 2012

Major trends in the developments of Confucianism since the Axial Age: the exploration and criticisms of Professor Hao Chang
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 天地之中——華夏文明與世界文明嵩山論壇(The Center of Heaven and Earth: Songshan Forum on Chinese and World Civilizations), 登封, 河南, 2012年9月21-23日
Conference paper, 2012

On Chu Hsi’s analysis of the structure of the Chung-yung [I]
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 儒學、文化與宗教——賀劉述先教授七秩壽慶論文集, 李明輝, 葉海煙, 鄭宗義合編, 北京: Taiwan Hsueh Sheng Shu Chu, 2006, p. 63-96
Conference paper, 2006

A dimension of the developments of Confucianism in Japan: On Ogyu Sorai’s interpretation of the Analects
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 儒學與世界文明, 陳榮照編. 新加玻: 中文系, National University of Singapore and Global Publishing Co. Inc, 2003, Vol. 2, p. 297-306
Conference paper, 2003

On Chu Hsi’s interpretation of the Chung-yung: His concepts of the Tao-hsin and the Jen-hsin found in the “Preface” to the book
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 邁入21世紀的朱子學——紀念朱熹誕辰870周年、逝世800周年論文集, 朱杰人編,上海: 華東師範大學, 2001, p. 57-77
Conference paper, 2001

A preliminary analysis of Chu Hsi’s and Sorai’s interpretations of the Chung-yung
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 天人之際與人禽之辨——比較與多元的觀點, 陳榮開編. 香港: 新亞書院, 香港中文大學, 2001, p. 145-171
Conference paper, 2001

Ogyu Sorai’s critique of Chu Hsi thought: A scrutiny of Maruyama’s thesis
Author(s): 陳榮開
Source: 儒家思想在現代東亞:日本篇, 黃俊傑編. 台北: 中國文哲研究所籌備處, 中央研究院, 1999, p. 181-217
Conference paper, 1999


Classicists and Classical Studies in the Upheaval of Republican China
Author(s): Chan, Wing Hoi ; Chiang, Chiu-hua
Source: 變動時代的經學與經學家──民國時期(1912-1949)經學研究, / Wing Hoi Chan; Chiu-hua Chiang. Taipei: Wan Juan Lou Books, 2014
Book, 2014

Transcendence and Immanence——Comparative and Multi-dimensional Perspectives
Author(s): 劉述先 ; 鄭宗義 ; 馮耀明 ; 陳榮開
Source: 天人之際與人禽之辨——比較與多元的觀點, / 劉述先、鄭宗義、馮耀明、陳榮開(責任編輯), 香港 : 香港中文大學新亞書院, 2001
Book, 2001