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Chan, Ho Bun (陳浩斌)

  • Associate Director, Materials Characterisation & Preparation Facility
  • Associate Professor, Dept of Physics

Telephone: (852) 2358 7493    Email: hochan@ust.hk   
Scopus: 7403402739    ORCID: 0000-0002-3806-6430   
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Active Projects as Principal Investigator

  • Internal resonance and nonlinear mode coupling in micromechanical resonators
  • Constuction of 3-axes Positioning Stages for Measurements in Cryogenic Temperature
  • A Deep Reactive Ion Etching System for Nanosystem Fabrication
  • Correlated phase diffusion of self-sustained oscillations induced by dynamical backaction in micromechanical resonators
  • Fluctuation spectra and frequency noise in nonlinear and zero-dispersive micromechanical resonators
  • Investigation of Casimir forces in novel geometries using monolithic micromechanical elements
  • Nano-plasmonic metamaterials for polarization control and optomechanical actuation

Active Projects as Co-investigator

  • Novel wave functional materials for manipulating light and sound