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Lam, Henry H N (林熙寧)

  • Associate Head, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Telephone: (852) 2358 7133    Email: kehlam@ust.hk   
Scopus: 35280410200    Google Scholar: dQTozYwAAAAJ    ResearcherID: D-8629-2011    ORCID: 0000-0001-7928-0364   
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Active Projects as Principal Investigator

  • Building tandem mass spectral libraries for proteomics in the Big Data Era
  • Investigation of bacterial antibiotic persistence by proteomics
  • An investigation of the synergistic effects of oxacillin and a novel erythromycin derivative on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus by quantitative proteomics
  • Mapping the glycoproteome: an integrated experimental and computational work-flow for profiling intact glycopeptides in complex biological samples
  • Extending State-of-the-Art Proteomic Data Analysis Methods to the Analysis of Intact Glycopeptides
  • Extracting useful information from existing public proteomic data to expand our knowledge of the proteome and to improve data analysis methods

Active Projects as Co-investigator

  • Probing the essence of "Yin-Yang and five elements" of traditional Chinese medicine using multiple "omics" technologies and chemometric analyses