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Li, Zhigang (李志剛)

  • Associate Professor, Dept of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Telephone: 2358 7186    Email: mezli@ust.hk   
Homepage: http://ihome.ust.hk/~mezli/
ORCID: 0000-0001-7164-1049   
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Active Projects as Principal Investigator

  • A Deep Reactive Ion Etching System for Nanosystem Fabrication
  • A Possible Scaling Law for Nanodroplet Diffusion on Solid Surfaces
  • Fluidic Rectifiers/Diodes without Moving Parts Using Heterogeneous Micro/Nanochannel Arrays
  • Thermal Effects on Reducing the Infiltration Pressure of Nanoscale Flows: A Challenge for Nanofluidic Systems
  • Numerical Investigation of the Drag Force on Nanotubes/Nanowires in the Free Molecular and Continuum Regimes

Active Projects as Co-investigator

  • A multidisciplinary study of next-generation direct ethanol fuel cells for sustainable energy production