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Sheng, Ping (沈平)

  • Dr William M W Mong Professor of Nanoscience, Dept of Physics
  • Chair Professor, Dept of Physics

Telephone: (852) 2358 7474    Email: sheng@ust.hk   
Scopus: 7102390217    Google Scholar: tBnVrjEAAAAJ    ORCID: 0000-0001-9000-6366   
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Active Projects as Principal Investigator

  • A Platform for Measuring the Physical Properties of Quantum Materials
  • Gate-tunable metal-graphene composite topological insulator
  • Design and manufacturing of noise control products with membrane-type acoustic metamaterials
  • Active control of audible reverberant sound field based on membrane-type acoustic metamaterials
  • Single-particle electrophoresis: Theory and experiment
  • Super-resolution Electron Microscopy Facility for Cross-disciplinary Materials Research
  • Dynamics of Soft Matter at Interfaces: Theory, simulations and experiments
  • Theory and experimental studies of large-scale transport characteristics in antidot graphene
  • Novel wave functional materials for manipulating light and sound
  • Slip-enhanced electrokinetic energy conversion in carbon nanochannels

Active Projects as Co-investigator

  • Theoretical study of electron-electron interaction and Luttinger liquid behavior in graphene quantum dots
  • Experimental Study of Resonant Impurities in Graphene
  • PSKL on advanced displays and optoelectronic technologies