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YAN, He Henry (颜河)

  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Associate Director, HKUST Energy Institute
  • Associate Professor, HKUST Energy Institute
  • Associate Professor, Central Energy Research Laboratory (CERL), HKUST Energy Institute

Telephone: (852) 2358 7366    Email: hyan@ust.hk   
Scopus: 36672239000    ORCID: 0000-0003-1780-8308   
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Active Projects as Principal Investigator

  • Controlling Morphology and Improving Performance for Ternary Organic Solar Cells based on Donor Polymers with Strong Temperature Dependent Aggregation Properties
  • The mechanism study and material development of novel OSCs with small Voc loss
  • Affordable & green organic solar cells
  • Organic solar cells based on Non-Fullerene Molecular Acceptors -- Material design, synthesis and device and morphology study
  • Develop low-cost and environmentally friendly materials and processes for organic solar cells that do not contain any fullerenes
  • Development of High-Performance Donor Polymers with Various Optical Bandgaps and Color Properties
  • Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Utilization
  • The design and sythesis of n-type polymeric semiconductors for organic field-effect transistors
  • Development of polymer/polymer-blend-based bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics
  • Multilayer Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells via Sequential Assembly of Organic/Dye Building Blocks in a Mesoporous Metal Oxide Network

Active Projects as Co-investigator

  • Understanding charge separation mechanisms in non-fullerene organic solar cells with nearly zero charge separation driving force
  • Hong Kong Branch of National Engineering Research Center for Tissue Restoration & Reconstruction