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Does technology hinder or enhance learning and teaching ?

Authors Fang, W. Mei Yeung
Issue Date 2001-06
Source Technology in Language Education : Meeting the Challenges of Research and Practice, Hong Kong, Language Centre, HKUST , 2001, June, p. 94-105
Summary In higher education, many lecturers are facing the challenges of reaching excellence in both research and teaching. While some of them might admit that technology would be most useful if it could maximise their time for research and minimise their time for teaching, many are concerned with the quality of the outcomes of learning and teaching when technology is applied. This paper shows that the yardsticks for evaluating the effectiveness of technology in learning and teaching can be different and individualistic depending on our interpretation of the purpose of technology and our perspectives on learning and teaching. Different learning perspectives affect how technology can be applied and therefore lead to different outcomes. However, technology is a doubled-edged sword: when it is misused or abused, opportunities can turn into dilemmas. This paper includes examples of such opportunities and dilemmas in the areas of learning environment, content development, information access, task automation, and communication. Trends and commonalities are found, suggesting that we are going through paradigm shifts of user readiness in response to the changing technology and evolving perspectives on learning and teaching.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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