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Exploring the browsing semantics of information on the web

Authors Cheung, Shing-Chi
Lam, Chi-yung
Issue Date 1998-10
Summary Finding desirable information on the Web can be time consuming and ineffective. The complexity of the Web makes it difficult for users to understand the browsing semantics; the problem is aggravated with the incorporation of dynamic behaviour into information structure using facilities supported by JavaBeans and CORBA. This motivates the need to model HTML documents for rigorous analysis. In this paper, we propose a framework in the Calculus of Communicating Systems (CCS) to unify the modelling of HTML documents based on structure, content and dynamic behaviour. Interesting queries regarding the document, like accessibility, ordering, reachability and mirror site verification, can be answered. The process is automatable via the use of a tool called the Concurrency Workbench (CWB): after the model is inputted to CWB, properties are expressed in the tool environment as modal u-calculus formulae. CWB can then check automatically whether the model satisifies those properties. Equivalence of two models in terms of behaviour can also be verified. An extended example is used throughout this paper as an illustration.
Language English
Format Technical report
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