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Han character font sharing across incompatible bitmap file formats

Authors Pong, Man-Chi
Lee, Fung Fung
Yeung, Ricky
Zhang, Yongguang
Issue Date 1994-03
Summary We identify the problem of sharing Han character font across incompatible bitmap file formats and discuss the related issues. The ideal solution should meet the requirements including independence of character code schemes, such as GB2312-80, Big5, and Unicode, no conversion of existing bitmap font files, storage efficiency, flexibility, extensibility, platform independence, as well as simplicity. Basic principles of how to achieve the above requirements are described. As a realization of the ideas, a new Han character bitmap font specification format, called HBF, has been developed and is presented here. In fact, the HBF approach allows the sharing of fixed-pitch fonts (hanzi bitmap fonts in particular) described in HBF format easily.
Language English
Format Technical report
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