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Student reflection : fostering learning and writing

Authors Tsang, Elza Shuk-Ching
Issue Date 2000
Source Changing languages : language education in the era of transition. Edited by Y. O. Mak and Merry M. L. Keung. Hong Kong : Language Centre, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, c2000
Summary Since September 1997, first-year undergraduate students studying at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have had to take a two-semester English course. In the first semester, one of the course aims is to teach effective academic writing skills. Students are required to write essays which present sound arguments, supported by reference materials. Most students, however, find it extremely hard to grasp the concept of, and practise, academic writing in one semester. The author reports on a case study that involved reflective experiences within classroom interaction, and ways to foster students' reflection so as to enhance their motivation to learn, and to improve their academic writing ability. The research was also conducted for the teacher to understand the students' difficulties, and their processes of learning. The author acted as both the teacher and a teacher-researcher, and the data include classroom observations, field notes, teaching journals, students' e-mails and interview notes. 自一九九七年九月起,香港科技大學一年級的學生,都要修讀一個為期兩個學期的英語課程。首學期的課程目標之一,是提升學生學術文章的寫作能力。許多學生都覺得在一個學期內學會寫專業論文是件苦事,也有許多人看不到寫這種體栽的重要性。這篇研究報告的內容,就是記載作者如何以不同方法,來提昇學生在學習過程中的反思能力,進而使他們提高學習興趣,和增進寫作能力;老師對學生在學習的過程中面對的難題,也有進一步的瞭解。本文作者既是老師,也是研究員,研究資料包括老師的教學筆記、學生的電子郵件和訪問等。
Language English
Format Book chapter
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