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Three-dimensional Delaunay mesh generation

Authors Cheng, Siu-Wing
Poon, Sheung-Hung
Issue Date 2004-02
Summary We propose an algorithm to compute a conforming Delaunay mesh of a bounded domain specified by a piecewise linear complex. Arbitrarily small input angles are allowed, and the input complex is not required to be a manifold. Our algorithm encloses the input edges with a small buffer zone, a union of balls whose sizes are proportional to the local feature sizes at their centers. In the output mesh, the radius-edge ratio of the tetrahedra outside the buffer zone is bounded by a constant independent of the domain, while that of the tetrahedra inside the buffer zone is bounded by a constant depending on the smallest input angle. Furthermore, the output mesh is graded. Our work is the first that provides quality guarantees for Delaunay meshes in the presence of small input angles.
Language English
Format Technical report
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