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A bibliography of oceanographic and pollution studies in the Pearl River Region

Authors Geermans, Suzanne H.
Heinke, Gary W.
Hodgson, Gregor
Issue Date 1998-11
Summary The Pearl River is one of the world's largest and it has a high socio-economic importance for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and China. Unfortunately, rapid development has led to many environmental problems affecting the Pearl River. IESD is currently carrying out a number of projects devoted to gaining a better understanding of coastal, estuarine and marine processes. As part of this work, it was important to review the available physical, chemical and biological information on the Pearl River Estuary and surrounding coastal waters, particularly with respect to pollution. Work has been published in both Chinese and in English in standard scientific journals as well as in numerous technical reports. The purpose of the present bibliography is to list all of these publications in one place so that others can gain access to this wealth of information. We have not attempted to cross-translate the entries, so two different lists, one in English and one in Chinese, have been placed together along with basic information about each publication. For those with access to Procite software, the list is available as a searchable database.
Language English
Format Technical report
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