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Theories of East Asian intellectual and behavioral superiority and the "clash of civilizations"

Authors Sautman, Barry
Issue Date 1994
Source Sautman, Barry (Ed.), Racial Identities in East Asia, Hong Kong. Division of Social Science, HKUST , p. 58-121
Summary In a 1993 interview, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s longtime strongman, termed the work ethic of Singapore Chinese superior to that of Singapore Indians and wondered aloud about a genetic basis. During a 1994 tour of Australia, he stated that its people lacked the drive to compete with East Asians, who are “specially geared for scholarship and high performance.” Lee has also claimed that because the genetic link between East Asians and fellow “Mongoloid” Native Americans was severed by the mixture of the former with Central Asians and the migration of the latter across the Bering Straits, East Asians now enjoy a superior “neurological development” and culture.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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