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Catalytic dechlorination of chlorophenols in water by palladium/iron

Authors Liu, Yihui
Yang, Fenglin
Yue, Po-Lock
Chen, Guohua
Issue Date 1999
Source Proceedings of the Asia-pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium "APCRE 99", Hong Kong SAR, China, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR, China , 13-16 June 1999, p. 521-526
Summary Three isomer chlorophenols, ortho-, meta-, and para-chlorophenol were dechlorinated by Palladium/Iron power in water through catalytic reduction. The dechlorinated reaction is believed to take place on the surface site of the catalyst in a pseudo-first order. The reduction product for all the three isomers is phenol. The dechlorination rate increases with the increase of bulk loading of palladium due to the increase of both the surface loading of Palladium and total surface area. The molecular structure also has an effect on the dechlorination rate. For condition with 0.048% Pd/Fe, the rate constants are 0.0215, 0.0155 and 0.0112 min-1 for ortho-, meta- and para-chlorophenol, respectively. Almost complete dechlorination is achieved within 5 hours.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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