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Cyberclassroom : a large-scale interactive distance-learning platform

Authors Lin, Siwei
Cheng, Kan-Leung
Wang, Rui
Zhou, Hao
Chan, Gary Shueng Han View this author's profile
Issue Date 2004-05
Source Proceedings of the second teaching and learning symposium, Hong Kong ,Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality, and Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching, HKUST , 17 May 2004
Summary Traditionally, lectures are held in classrooms where students are co-located in order to interact with the instructors. This model is not convenient or cost-effective for some students, e.g., those who are working, have access/mobility difficulties, live in remote areas, or experience some social isolation such as during the SARS period. With the pervasive penetration of broadband Internet connections and wireless medium (Wi-Fi and 3G), we have developed a platform so that lectures can be conducted interactively over the Internet. The project, termed ‘CyberClassroom,’ offers an experience similar to the traditional classroom today but with the students distributed in the Internet. Students anywhere may raise questions to their instructors at any time using their PCs or laptops over the Internet and wireless medium. Video, audio, and whiteboard are also streamed to the end-users in real time. The system is scalable to hundreds of students and makes use of current off-the-shelf computing products and state-of-the-art networking techniques. It is cost-effective and effectively breaks the geographical limitations to attending lectures. Initial feedback from the students using the system is positive and encouraging.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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