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Development of visualization and simulation models for courses related to materials technology and failures

Authors Sham, Man-Lung
Kim, Jang-Kyo
Zhang, Tong-Yi
Lai, C. L. Rambo
Lee, Kara K.Y.
Issue Date 2004-05
Source Proceedings of the second teaching and learning symposium, Hong Kong, Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality, and Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching, HKUST , 17 May 2004
Summary Rapid developments in multi-media technology allow us to innovate our teaching methods by incorporating visualization and simulation tools into conventional, textbook-oriented verbal and pictorial explanations. This project aims to provide students with an in-depth concept enabling an easy understanding of important topics within the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering. By participating in several simulation steps, students will learn the mechanical responses and fracture behavior of advanced materials when subjected to practical loading conditions in various service environments. In this work, 10 topics have been selected from two undergraduates courses where seven animations and four experimental demonstrations are produced, such as toughening mechanisms in semi-crystalline materials, crystal structures, fatigue-crack growth with plastic deformation behavior in metals, etc. Through an internet-based platform, lecturers on the one hand can enhance their presentations by using these animations and demonstrations; on the other hand, students can freely access and review the teaching materials. The anticipated outcome of this project will be tremendously useful to all other related courses in mechanical engineering.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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