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Northern intellectual property rights standard for the south?

Authors Lai, Edwin L.C.
Qiu, Larry Dongxiao
Issue Date 1995-05
Summary We build a theoretical North-South model to analyze intellectual property rights (IPR) protection. By comparing the optimal IPR protection of the South (the less developed world) and that of the North (the more developed world), we show that the former is weaker than the latter. We also find that it is globally optimal that the South adopts an IPR standard that is more stringent than its own individually optimal one, but less stringent than that of the North. Furthermore, it can be shown that under certain conditions, the world is worse off if the South is forced to adopt the Northern standard than if the South is allowed to adopt its own standard, or even not protect at all. Therefore, Northern IPR standard should not be forced upon the South.
Language English
Format Working paper
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