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Helicopter crash investigation

Authors Chen, Jay-Chung
Issue Date 1992
Summary A helicopter carrying an underslung load crashed shortly after lifting off. Preliminary investigation indicated that engine malfunction, mechanical problems and structural failures are not among the causes for the crash. Based on the crash site inspection, the Civil Aviation Department has forwarded an assumed scenario for the helicopter crash as follows : 1. The helicopter lifts off into hover position on the crest of a ridge with an 962 kg underslung load attached by a 18 meter long chain. 2. As the helicopter transitions from the hover position into forward flight, the underslung load comes into contact with a bush. 3. The underslung load is dragged through the bush. 4. The forward speed of the helicopter at the time of the accident was about 5-10 knots, estimated by the Chief Engineer, and the Check and Training Pilot of the helicopter company. 5. The prevailing wind at the time and place of the accident is estimated at 10-15 knots in southeasterly direction. The present study is to define the feasibility of the assumed scenario and to assess the likelihood of the accident happened in such scenario.
Language English
Format Technical report
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