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CoSAM2 : a unified control system architecture for multifingered manipulation

Authors Li, Zexiang
Qin, Z.
Jiang, S.
Issue Date 1998-03
Summary In this paper, we describe a unified Control System Architecture for Multifingered Manipulation (CoSAM2). CoSAM2 achieves simultaneously three objectives of multifingered manipulation: (a) Motion trajectory (velocity/force) tracking of a grasped object; (b) Improving the grasp configuration in the course of object manipulation; and (c) Optimizing grasping forces to enforce contact constraint and compensate for external object wrenches. CoSAM2 is organized in a modular and hierarchic structure so that each module implements a specified function using inputs from its predecessors and a minimum number of sensory data signals. CoSAM2 is also flexible in accommodating addition of new modules such as the Dextrous Manipulation module we intend to develop.We give the theoretical background of CoSAM2 along with algorithms suitable for real-time implementation. We also present experimental results obtained using the HKUST three-fingered robotic hand for several manipulation experiments.
Language English
Format Preprint
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