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A framework for testing distributed object-oriented systems

Authors Fuchs, Holger
Ulrich, Andreas W.
Wong, Alan C.Y.
Chanson, Samuel T.
Cheung, Shing-Chi
Issue Date 1995
Summary Distributed programming and object-oriented programming are two popular programming paradigms. The former is driven by advances in networking technology whereas the latter provides vigorous sofeware principles needed in developing complex software systems. While more and more distributed object-oriented software has appeared, not much work exists on testing of these systems in an integrated manner. Instead, the distributed and object features have been tested separately. In this paper, we propose an integrate framework known as TeDOOS (Testing Distributed Object-Oriented Systems) for incremental testing of distributed object-oriented software systems. TeDOOS combines various testing techniques to provide comprehensive test coverage at four different test levels where each level relates to a specific implementation phase of the system. Each test level uses a specific fault model, test strategy and a test case derivation method that build on the previous level to reduce the overall test effort. Special treatment is given to testing inherited classes of the DOOS. The approach is illustrated using a banking system example. Results of the application of the new testing approach to a real life example of a conferencing system are given in the appendix.
Language English
Format Technical report
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