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Improvement of ATO electrode stability by doping with a trace amount of Ir

Authors Chen, Xueming
Chen, Guohua View this author's profile
Issue Date 2004
Source Electrochemical and SOLID STATE Letters , v. 7, (9), 2004, p. J33-J35
Summary Antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO) thin films were prepared on titanium substrates using a thermal decomposition technique. Their stability improved by 9 times when doped with 0.1 mol \% of iridium. A service life of 112 h was obtained under a current density of 1000 A/m(2) in 1 M H2SO4 solution. Cyclic voltammograms show that the Ir-doped ATO behaves similarly to conventional ATO with an ideal polarizable nature of the solid-electrolyte interface. Good linearity was observed for potential vs. logarithmic current density. The redox reaction of the [Fe(CN)(6)](3-)/[Fe(CN)(6)](4-) couple on the Ti/ATO electrode is nearly reversible. (C) 2004 The Electrochemical Society.
ISSN 1099-0062
Language English
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