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An extended cellular automaton model for flexible manufacturing systems

Authors Shen, Helen C.
Chau, H. Lewis
Wong, K. K.
Issue Date 1993
Summary In this paper, we propose a high-level state-based dependency description and structuring formalism for flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). This extended cellular automaton model (ECAM) is designed to capture the behaviour and performance of a large complex concurrent system in an easier and more concise way than is possible with other contemporary FMS models. Concurrency problems of FMS can be clearly identified by the model.The model is defined mathematically as a quintuple by adapting the cellular automaton. A set of graphical symbols is also defined to represent the states of the model. The proposed model can serve as a formal specification and documentation tool for an FMS. It can also provide a basis for modelling important characteristics of FMS which includes conflict resolution, dependencies and starvation of resources. In real applications, it can serve as a conceptual model in the FMS design process. Based on this model, a prototype system has been developed to generate a set of executable grammar rules. With appropriate extensions, the system can be used as simulation and performance analysis tools.
Language English
Format Technical report
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