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3-D reconstruction of multipart self-occluding objects

Authors Jojic, Nebojsa
Gu, Jin
Shen, Helen C.
Huang, Thomas
Issue Date 1998-01
Source The Third Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), Hong Kong, , 1998, Jan. , p. 455-462
Summary In this paper we present a method for reconstruction of multipart objects from several arbitrary views using deformable superquadrics as the models of the object's parts. Two visual cues are used: occluding contours and stereo (possibly aided by projected patterns). The object can be relatively complex and can exhibit numerous self occlusions from some or all views. Our preliminary experiments on a human body and a tailor's mannequin show that the reconstruction is more complete than in purely stereo or structured light based methods and more precise than the reconstruction from occluding contours only.
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Language English
Format Conference paper
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