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Strategies for Resource Allocation of Two Competing Companies using Genetic Algorithm

Authors Cheung, Wing Keung
Szeto, Kwok Yip
Issue Date 2004
Source Proceeding of The 5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Soft Computing, RASC2004 Nottingham, UK. , 16-18 Dec , 2004, p416-421.
Summary We investigate various strategic locations of shops in shopping malls in a metropolis with the aim of finding the best strategy for final dominance of market share by a company in a competing environment. The problem is posed in the context of two competing supermarket chains in a metropolis, described in the framework of the two-dimensional Ising model. Evolutionary Algorithm is used to encode the ensemble of initial configurations and Monte Carlo method is used to evolve the pattern. Numerical simulation indicates that initial patterns with certain topological properties do evolve faster to market dominance. The description of these topological properties is given and suggestions are made on the initial pattern so as to evolve faster to market dominance.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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