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Non-magnetic impurities in spin gap state

Authors Nagaosa, N.
Ng, Tai Kai
Issue Date 1995
Source Phys. Rev. B , v. 51, (21), 1995, Jun, p. 15588-15591
Summary The effects of the nonmagnetic strong scatterers (unitary limit) on the magnetic and transport properties are studied for RVB states in both slave-boson and slave-fermion mean field theories with the gap for the triplet excitations. In the d-wave pairing state of the slave-boson mean field theory in two dimensions, there is no true gap for spinons but the Anderson localization occurs which lead to the local moment when the repulsive interaction is taken into account. In the slave-fermion mean field theory, local moments are found bound to non-magnetic impurities as a result of (staggered) gauge interaction. However, in both theories, localization of spinon does not appear in the resistivity, which shows the classical value for the holon.
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