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Mesh editing with curvature flow laplacian operator

Authors Au, Kin Chung
Tai, Chiew-Lan
Liu, Ligang
Fu, Hongbo
Issue Date 2005-07
Summary Recently, differential information as local intrinsic feature descriptors has been used for mesh editing. Given certain user input as constraints, a deformed mesh is reconstructed by minimizing the changes in the differential information. Since the differential information is encoded in the global coordinate system, it must somehow be transformed to fit the orientation of details in the deformed surface, otherwise distortion will appear. We observe that visually desired deformed meshes should preserve both local parameterization and geometry details. To find suitable representations for these two types of information, we exploit certain properties of the curvature flow Laplacian operator. Specifically, we consider the coefficients of Laplacian operator as the parametrization information and the magnitudes of the Laplacian coordinates as the geometry information. Both sets of information are non-directional and non-linearly dependent on the vertex positions. Thus, we propose a new editing framework that iteratively updates both the vertex positions and the Laplacian coordinates to reduce distortion in parametrization and geometry. Our method can produce visually pleasing deformation with simple user interaction, requiring only the handle positions, not the local frames at the handles. In addition, since the magnitudes of the Laplacian coordinates approximate the integrated mean curvatures, our framework is useful for modifying mesh geometry via updating the curvature field. We demonstrate this use in spherical parameterization and non-shrinking smoothing.
Language English
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