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From Parrots to Puppet masters: fostering creative and authentic language use with online tools

Authors Milton, John HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2005
Source 'Distance Education and Languages: Evolution and Change' Eds: B. Holmberg, M Shelley & C. White: Multilingual Matters
Summary The teaching and learning of English as an international–albeit foreign–language in SE Asia are beleaguered by a number of problems, which in a general sense are faced in the teaching and learning of other types of knowledge and skills as well. One of the most frequently discussed is the force-fed pedagogy in which many teachers and students find themselves trapped (Zeng, 1999). Many educators believe that ‘teaching to the exam’, which is common in public and private institutions in SE Asia, encourages imitative practices by dampening students’ desire and ability to learn (e.g. Paris, 1995). This problem is related to the often-observed tendency toward an imitative rather than a creative approach to learning in SE Asian classrooms (Cheng, 1999).
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Language English
Format Book chapter
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