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Library collaboration and digital exploration

Authors Lam, Ki Tat
Spodick, Edward
Issue Date 2005-11-17
Source JUCC (Joint Universities Computer Centre) 35th Anniversary IT Conference: Campus Informatization: Challenges and Opportunities , Hong Kong, China, 16-17 November 2005
Summary The authors will share their experiences of equipping a young University Library with the technologies needed and working collaboratively with other academic libraries in an increasingly global technological environment. With the increase in digital capabilities, more projects which previously relied on large regional or global entities can now be accomplished through local collaboration. Through the development of an increasingly broad array of open-source programs, libraries have become empowered with the tools needed to build the infrastructure for these collaborations. One collaborative effort is the Unicode Project of the Hong Kong Innovative Users Group, representing all eight University Libraries, along with other INNOPAC integrated library system users in Hong Kong and Macau. The ongoing goal of this project is to improve the CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) support on INNOPAC by enhancing and maintaining the code tables for better Unicode mapping for CJK characters. Another area of interest is the development of a shared resource pool for software created by individual UGC Libraries. Such collaboration - combined with the use of open source platforms - will permit site-specific customization, reduce redundancy, result in better tools and increase their availability to a broader community.
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