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Wireless communication for the Hong Kong environment

Authors Au, Oscar C.
Chuang, Justin C.
Murch, Ross David
Issue Date 1995-03
Source Technical Report submitted to Hutchison Telephone Ltd.
Summary This report describes the development of indoor propagation prediction software and also objective measures of speech quality measurement for wireless communication in the Hong Kong environment. In the area of indoor propagation prediction we present details of the development of software for indoor propagation prediction. This software has been demonstrated to have an overall prediction accuracy of ±5 dB. Such accuracy indicates that our software would be very useful for indoor mobile telephone network design and compares very well with results from other researchers internationally. In the area of objective speech quality measurement, the research presented here details an extensive experiment to collect realistic data and evaluate various objective speech quality measures. Several objective speech measures have been identified to be good in reflecting the subjective speech quality of an analog cellular phone. Some data preprocessing procedures have been identified to be essential for meaningful and effective objective measurement of speech quality.
Language English
Format Technical report
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