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Ritual transformation—Xunzi’s response to Mozi in the Lilun Pian

Authors Chong, Kim-Chong
Issue Date 2006-02
Source International Conference on Xunzi 荀子研究的回顧與開創, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan , 18-19 February 2006
Summary It is well known that Mozi (墨子) criticizes the ritual practices of the Ru (儒, the Confucian school) for being wasteful. However, another criticism has been less appreciated: These practices are merely conventional habituations and violate the Ru’s own moral ideals of ren 仁 (humanity), yi 義 (right, righteousness) and xiao 孝 (being filial). Xunzi (荀子) responds to both criticisms in the Li Lun Pian 禮論篇 (“Discourse on Ritual Principles”). Based on an account of Mozi’s arguments and Xunzi’s replies, this essay discusses the significance of ritual transformation (禮義之化) in Xunzi’s moral philosophy.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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