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In situ fibrillation of LCP in PC/PBT matrix

Authors Leng, Y. View this author's profile
Zhao, D.
Gao, Ping View this author's profile
Issue Date 1995
Source Tenth International Conference on Composite Materials. V. Structures; Whistler, British Columbia; Canada; 14-18 Aug. 1995 , pp. 267-274. 1995
Summary LCP, Vectra B950, reinforced polycarbonate (PC) 60 wt.% /polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) 40 wt.% blends have been studied using injection moulding process. The composites with pre-blended matrix are made by blending PC and PBT in a twin screw extruder, and then by injection moulding with LCP. Good in situ fibrillation of LCP is observed in the directly injection moulded LCP composites. The fibrillation of LCP appears to follow Taylor's droplet deformation theory. Results indicate that addition of PBT improves the skin-core distribution of LCP fibrils in the matrix and also improves the adhesion between the matrix and Vectra B950 which contains terephthalic acid.
Language English
Format Conference paper