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Creating the Chinese Myth : the tug of war of Sino-Japanese soft power in China's comics market

Authors Yiu, Wai-hung
Chan, Ching-shing
Issue Date 2007-07-15
Source University of Tokyo, jointly organized by UMAT, University of Tokyo, and Theory, Culture and Society , 15 July 2007
Summary This paper was based upon a study of a Hong Kong-based comic enterprise entering the PRC comics market. By taking the advantages of cross-border production in Suzhou and Shenzhen, the enterprise is supposed to produce comic content related to Chinese mythic stories in the direction of the mainland cultural authority. Such a maneuver implies (1) eliminating the provincial differences on the tastes of the contents and capturing the wider, barely literate, and rural audiences, and (2) diluting and even dispelling the cultural influences of manga and anime in China pointing to any disguised Japanese expansionism perceived as “soft power”. Drawing upon analyses by Ronald Robertson and Naoki Sakai, we suggest the interactive dynamics of such “soft power” of China and Japan lies in the fundamental question of inter-state rivalry and/or reconciliation in imitation of western modernity, and more precisely, in the politics of cultural nationalism.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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