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A robust approach for camera break detection in color video sequence

Authors Lee, John Chung-Mong
IP, Dixon Man-Ching
Issue Date 1995-04-21
Summary A convenient and efficient indexing system is as essential to managing video information as it is to managing text. Creating an index requires partitioning the video into meaningful segments, assigning index terms to individual segments and combining the index terms to form a table of contents or an inverted index file. To date, video partitioning methods are still in the research stage. This paper introduces a new camera break detection algorithm, namely the Local Selective HSV Histogram Comparison. Color and spatial information are used in this new algorithm to complement the deficiency of the existing algorithms. The performance of four existing algorithms together with our proposed one are evaluated with image sequences of various scenarios, including camera movements, zooming, moving objects, deformable objects and video with degraded image quality. In addition, an adaptive thresholding technique is proposed to replace the general use of a single threshold for the camera break detection algorithms.
Language English
Format Technical report
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