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Photo-induced dichroic polarizers and fabrication methods thereof

Authors Kozenkov, Vladimir M.
Yip, Wing Chiu
Chigrinov, Vladimir G. View this author's profile
Prudnikova, Elena K.
Kwok, Hoi-Sing View this author's profile
Issue Date 2006-07-04
Source US Patent , 7,070,913. Washington, DC : US Patent and Trademark Office, 2006.
Summary The present invention provides a method of forming a polarizing material comprising exposing a layer of dichroic material to activating light illumination to provide an ordered structure with a distinguished absorption axis and thus photo-induce polarization, and fixing the induced polarization by polymerisation of the dichroic layer. The present invention also provides novel polarizing materials formed thereby. By selectively exposing regions of the dichroic material to differing activating radiation, different regions with different polarization axes can be created. The polarizing material can also be provided with a coating or coatings to alter the spectral response, and a stack formed of a plurality if dichroic layers may be provided.
Language English
Format Patent
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