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Improved halftone image data hiding with intensity selection and connection selection

Authors Fu, Ming Sun
Au, Oscar C.
Issue Date 2001
Source Signal Processing: Image Communication, v.16, (10), 2001, August, p.909-930
Summary In this paper, we propose two novel algorithms, namely intensity selection (IS) and connection selection (CS), that can be applied to the existing halftone image data hiding algorithms DHSPT, DHPT and DHST to achieve improved visual quality. The proposed algorithms generalize the hidden data representation and select the best location out of a set of candidate locations for the application of DHSPT, DHPT or DHST. The two algorithms provide trade-off between visual quality and computational complexity. The IS yields higher visual quality but requires either the original multi-tone image or the inverse-halftoned image which implies high computation requirement. The CS has lower visual quality than IS but requires neither the original nor the inverse-halftoned images. Some objective visual quality measures are defined. Our experiments suggest that significant improvement in visual quality can be achieved, especially when the number of candidate locations is large.
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