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Optimal server placement for streaming content delivery network on the Internet

Authors Hei, Xiaojun
Tsang, Danny H. K.
Bensaou, Brahim
Issue Date 2003
Summary Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are designed to efficiently deliver media content from content providers to a large community of geographically distributed users. The media type varies from the Web content to audio and video streaming. CDN providers are interested in placing CDN servers at suitable locations on the Internet to serve their users with the minimum cost. In this paper, we formulated the CDN server placement problem on the public Internet as a mixed integer programming model. The numerical results show that the model can be solved within tens of seconds in an AS-level topology of about 1000 ASs using a greedy decomposition method. In addition, simulation-based performance evaluation for various placement models in simulated Internet AS-level topologies shows that our model outperforms the random model and the K-median model. Sensitivity analysis is conducted empirically to study the impact of the deviation of user bandwidth demand and the link available bandwidth upon the system performance.
Language English
Format Technical report
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