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Multicomponent mass transfer diffusion model for the adsorption of acid dyes on activated carbon

Authors Porter, John Francis
McKay, Gordon
Choy, Keith K.H.
Issue Date 2003
Source Presentation at the 3rd Pacific Basin Conference on Adsorption Science and Technology , 2003, May
Summary The ability of activated carbon to absorb two acid dyes, namely, Acid Blue 80 (AB80) and Acid Yellow (AY117) from wastewater has been studied in equilibrium and batch kinetic systems. A two resistance mass transport model based on film and surface diffusion control, Homogeneous Surface Diffusion Model (HSDM), has been applied to model the concentration decay curves in single component system. The effects of initial dye concentration and activated carbon mass on the rate of Acid Blue 80 and Acid Yellow 117 removal have been investigated. A multicomponent HSDM was developed to predict the binary component system decay curves from the sinle component HSDM and IAST-RP model.
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