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Technology for electrolyzing and manufacturing micro-gap counter-assembled welding projects

Under-Bump Metallization Layers and Electroplated Solder Bumping Technology for Flip-Chip

Authors 陈正豪 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
肖国伟 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2006-12-20
Source 中国专利 , ZL 03 1 40656.4, 2006
Summary 本发明提供了一系列新工艺用以通过电镀方法,制备可用于半导体封装,具有微细间距、良好可靠性的焊球。本发明所采用的新工艺技术可适用于不同组分的电镀铅-锡合金焊料、无铅的锡基焊料(如:铜-锡、锡-铜-银、锡-银、锡-铋合金)等。其工艺能够满足焊球边间距50微米以上,焊球直径在50至300微米的需求。在本发明中,通过采用凸点回流控制层,避免了工艺过程中焊料的损失,从而能够制备微细间距和高可靠性焊球。通过对关键工艺和电镀金属层的控制,以调整电镀层微观结构,本发明能够制备用于倒装焊封装的高可靠性焊球。本发明同时应用特殊设计涂覆光胶构件和光刻工艺,以满足微细间距电镀凸点的工艺制备要求。A process for soldering by electrolysis is used for package of semiconductor device with good reliable solder balls in miniature space. The process is usable for various solders such as lead-tin ones or leadless tin based ones, for instance: copper-tin, tin-copper-silver, tin-silver, tin-bismuth, etc. It can meet the demands where the space between solder balls with diameters of 50 - 300um is >50um. In the invention, projecting dots returning flow control layer is taken to avoid waste of solder and to achieve reliable solder balls with mini-gaps. The micro-structure of the electroplating layer can be regulated by control of vital arts and the said electroplating layer. The process can be used in preparation of solder balls for downward assembled package. Also, some special design of photo-engraving adhesive coating unit and process thereof are used.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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