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3-hydroxyl-propylamide derived nerve cell reabsorption inhibitor

3-hydroxy-propanamine derived neuronal reuptake inhibitors

Authors 保罗·罗伯特·卡利尔
Issue Date 2004-08-25
Source 中国专利 , ZL 98 1 02833.0, 2004
Summary 在C1和C2位上具有手性中心的3—羟基—丙胺衍生物及其盐对神经递质具有突酶体重吸收抑制作用,他们代表了一类新型的可用作抗抑郁药的精神状态治疗药。The present invention relates to a 3-hydroxy-propylamine derivative with chiral center at C1 and C2 positions and its salt possessing synaptosome reabsorption inhibition action on neurotransmitter, and they represent a kind of new-type mental state therapeutic medicine as antidepressant.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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