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Device and method for measuring sample resistivity

Apparatus and method for resistivity measurement of a sample

Authors 李宗津 View this author's profile
Issue Date 2005-12-07
Source 中国专利 , ZL 02 1 26224.1, 2005
Summary 本发明提供了一种测量样品的电阻率的装置和方法,该样品具体而言是一个以水泥为基础的材料的样品。该装置包括变压器,变压器由一个原线圈和由所述以水泥为基础的材料的样品构成的次级线圈组成。该装置还包括将电压供给所述原线圈的装置,测量在所述样品上所感应出的电压的装置,以及测量在所述样品上所感应出的电流的装置。可以测量样品的电阻并从而计算出混凝土样品的电阻率来。The present invention provides an apparatus and method for measuring the resistivity of a sample of cement-based material. A transformer is formed with a primary coil, a secondary formed by means of a sample of said cement-based material, means for supplying a voltage to said primary, means for measuring the voltage induced in said sample, and means for measuring the current induced in said sample. The resistance of the sample can be measured and thus the resistivity of the concrete sample can be calculated.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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