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Visible-invisible ultraviolet detector

Authors 苏荫强 View this author's profile
黄锦圣 View this author's profile
杨志宇 View this author's profile
王克伦 View this author's profile
Issue Date 2005-04-20
Source 中国专利 , ZL 99 1 27373.7, 2005
Summary 本发明公开了光盲UV探测器,其包括ZnSTe合金活性层。Te组成根据衬底的性质(如Si、GaP或GaAs)是可变的,以提供良好的晶格匹配性。本发明还提供一种新型结构,其具有高的量子效率。本发明亦公开了具有纯ZnS活性层和ZnSSe活性层的UV探测器。The detector has an active ZnSTe alloy layer with composition varying with property of substrate for excellent lattice matching. The present invention also provides one new structure with high quantum efficiency. and discloses UV detector with active Zns layer or ZnSse layer.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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