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Visible-blind UV detectors

Authors Sou, Philip Iam-Keong (蘇蔭強)
Ma, Zhaohui (馬朝暉)
Man, Choi Lai (文彩麗)
Wong, Kam-Sing (黃錦聖)
Yang, Zhi-Yu (楊志宇)
Wong, George K. L. (黃克倫)
Issue Date 2005-04-20
Source 中國專利, ZL 99 1 27373.7
Summary UV detectors with high responsivities for wavelengths shorter than 400nm are very important for applications such as flema monitoring, pollutant detection and UV astronomy. Conventionally, photo-multiplier tubes and silicon p-i-n photodiodes are the devices used for UV detectors. However, conventional photo-multiplier tubes have been satisfactory only in the past and the more preferred silicon p-i-n photodiodes have lower quantum efficiency. In all previous semiconductor-based UV photodetectors, there is a problem of lack of a suitable lattice-matched substrate and therefore inevitably results in high density of misfit dislocations and traps present in these structures. This then severely limits the response time of the detectors. The novel visible-blind UV detector comprises of an active layer of ZnSTe alloy. The Te composition can be varied to provide good lattice matching depending on the nature of the substrate (eg Si, GaP or GaAs) and a novel structure is provided to give high quantum efficiency and quick response at low voltage operation and a small size. The invention also discloses UV detectors with an active layer of pure ZnS and with an active layer of ZnSSe.
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