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Anti-fouling composition and method of production thereof

Authors 钱培元
Issue Date 2008-05-14
Source 中国专利 , ZL 2004 1 0049569.3, 2008
Summary 本发明描述了通过在适于解藻酸弧菌生长的水溶液中培养解藻酸弧菌而产生的抗污损剂。所述抗污损剂是解藻酸弧菌生产和分泌的,可以用作生产其它抗污损化合物的成分。根据用途,解藻酸弧菌产生的抗污损剂可以直接使用,或者进行进一步纯化后使用。本发明还包括了一种新分离的解藻酸弧菌菌株(DSM 15590)。An anti-fouling agent derived by culturing Vibrio alginolyticus in an aqueous solution suitable for growth thereof is described. The anti-fouling agent is produced and secreted by Vibrio alginolyticus, which can then be used as a component to produce other anti-fouling compositions. Depending on the use, the anti-fouling agent derived from V. alginolyticus may be used directly, or subject to further purification. A newly isolated strain of V. alginolyticus (DSM 15590) is also disclosed.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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