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Neurotrophin NT-7 from carp

Authors Ip, Nancy Y.
Lai, Kwok On
Issue Date 2006-04-04
Source US Patent, 7,022,670 B1, 2006
Summary Neurotrophins represent a family of proteins which can support the survival and differentiation of neurons from both central and peripheral nervous systems. Their potential use in the treatment of various neurodegenerative diseases is well known. These growth factors exhibit overlapping as well as distinct specificities of actions on various neuronal populations. The invention relates to discovery of a novel nuerotrophin, named NT-7, from the fish, carp. Various evidence indicates that it represents a novel member of the neruotrophin family. NT-7 was found to be expressed in skin, heart, intestine, and brain in the adult fish. Expression of the recombinant protein enabled us to demonstrate its ability to support the survival and neuritis outgrowth of embryonic chick dorsal root ganglion neurons. This invention shed light on the treatment of nervous diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and nerve muscle disorders.
Language English
Format Patent
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