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Antenna device, and mobile communications device incorporating the antenna device

Authors Murch, Ross David
Ko, Chun Samuel Kuen
Issue Date 2005-05-24
Source US Patent , 6,897,808 B1, 2005
Summary The performance of wireless communication systems can be greatly enhanced by utilizing antenna diversity or smart antennas. Such antenna systems make use of multiple antennas and they have been incorporated into the base stations of most mobile telephone systems in use today. However, adoption of similar antenna systems in compact wireless communication handsets has not been widespread. One possible explanation is the volume of similar systems are usually too large and the improved performance of the handset does not sufficiently compensate for increases in receiver complexity. This new invention consists of a compact integrated antenna that has two feed ports with more than 20dB isolation between them. The significance of the design is that it can be utilized in compact wireless communication handsets to provide diverse signals or act as a duplexer allowing the receive and transmit signals to be well isolated. The antenna design is based on merging two patch antennas together in combination with capacitive loading so that a compact design can be obtained. Experimental results show that in typical wireless environments envelope cross-correlations of less than 0.1 between the ports are obtained
Language English
Format Patent
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