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Low voltage high-speed frequency-divider circuit

Authors Cheung, Sin Luen
Luong, Howard Cam View this author's profile
Wong, Man-Chun
Issue Date 2004-12-14
Source US Patent , 6,831,489 B2, 2004
Summary Frequency-divider circuit is a key building block of phase-locked-loop (PLL) and frequency synthesizer (FS) circuits, which are required for all data communication and telecommunication systems. However, the failure of frequency-divider circuits functioning at low-voltage high-frequency operation is a major bottleneck for low-voltage operations of PLL and FS circuits. This invention is a frequency-divider circuit that can operate on a very low voltage and at a very high frequency, which surpasses the existing techniques. The new frequency-divider circuit can generate output signals having a frequency half of the frequency of the input signal. The new technique when applied enables the frequency-divider circuit to work at a minimum supply voltage while operating effectively at multi-gigahertz frequency range. Experimental results have demonstrated that such a circuit can operate successfully at a frequency of more than 20GHz with a 1-V supply. Besides, it avoids the employment of advanced but expensive fabrication processes using alternative low-threshold devices. It is notable that such special processes are not ready for high-level system integration and low-threshold devices usually suffer from leakage-current and high power consumption problems. The current invention provides a cost-effective solution using standard fabrication technology.
Language English
Format Patent
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