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Antiparasitic artemisinin derivatives (endoperoxides)

Authors Haynes, Richard K.
Lam, William Wai-Lun
Chan, Ho-Wai
Tsang, Hing-Wo
Cheung, Man-Ki
Gisela, Greif
Gabriele, Schmuck
Arnd, Voerste
Issue Date 2006-01-10
Source US Patent , 6,984,640 B1, 2006
Summary This invention relates to the use of certain C-10 substituted derivatives of artemisinin of general formula (I) in the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases caused by infection with a parasite, certain novel C-10 substituted deriviatives of artemisinin, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing such C-10 substituted derivatives. The compounds are particularly effective in the treatment of malaria, neosporosis and coccidiosis.
Language English
Format Patent
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