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Acetylene polymers and their use as liquid crystals

Authors Tang, Ben-Zhong
Lam, Wing Yip
Kong, Xiangxing
Kwok, Hoi-Sing
Issue Date 2006-07-04
Source US Patent, 7,070,712 B2, 2006
Summary A variety of new mesogen-containing acetylenes are prepared and designed. A research team at the HKUST developed new catalyst systems for polymerizing the functional acetylene monomers and manufactured the novel liquid crystalline polyacetylenes. In this new invention, the new side-chain liquid crystalline polymers (SCLCPs) thus manufactured possess the rigid polyacetylene backbones. They demonstrate that the rigid polymer backbone in a properly designed SCLCP system can play an active role in promoting and maintaining the molecular orientations induced by the simple mechanical perturbations.
Language English
Format Patent
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